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Established in 1991, we are specialists in the field non-woven fabrics. Our product lines, used by professionals around the world, offer the best possible results in industrial applications.

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    • Since starting Dimple, the industry has seen a number of changes. We strive to offer our customers cutting edge technology and business solutions. To this day and looking forward, our strong relationships both locally and worldwide allow us to develop the means share the ways to success.- Ge Limmen, November 2014


Dimple was founded in Uitgeest, The Netherlands in 1991 by Ge Limmen. Ge remains the CEO, and the company has become one of the market leaders through its supply of quality products and independent advice. This depth of experience has allowed Dimple to work closely with customers to create ideal solutions within a changing market place. Today, Dimple is not only at the forefront of supplies and services, but also in the development of new technology, highlighted in the release of the High Speed Roller (HSR) 1700.

Market situation

As industry specialists, Dimple is focused on a number of markets, offering total solutions to them, which have been tried and tested over the years. By knowing the ins and outs of the graphical sector, Dimple is able to offer the right products for the right application. Dimple is constantly looking for ways to meet customer’s needs. We have the ‘never out of stock’ principle, taking responsibility for the supply of materials with extremely short lead times. Additionally, the nature of managing these demands has led to the Formula 1 option, creating a mutually beneficial partnership between supplier and distributor.

What are the benefits for your business?

If you are currently active in the graphical sector, packaging industry or display industry and are using non-woven fabrics, Dimple can offer you the right fabric with favourable conditions. Should you not find the solution within our current product range, please contact us and we’ll be happy to discuss the development of the ideal material for your application. We’ve done this many times in the past, creating the standard products available today.

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