Dimple introduces the new winding machine HSR 1700 along with a unique purchase deal: Formula 1

Since 1992, Dimple has been active in the field of the graphic printing industry. The company’s wide range of experience has led to an ongoing search for innovative solutions in this fast developing market. The focus of Dimple is to continuously optimize efficiency in every possible way. Therefore Dimple is proud to present the launch of a new fabric winding machine, the High Speed Roller (HSR) 1700. This machine comes along with a unique purchase deal called: Formula 1. A formula designed to place your company in pole position.

An impression of our HSR 1700

The HSR 1700: one of a kind

It took Dimple three years to design the High Speed Roller 1700. The aim was to speed up the production process of the winding of washcloth for the graphic printing industry and increase the efficiency of this process. All expectations were met when the first HSR 1700 became operational in October 2013. High speed says it all, but there is more to this machine.

Below is a list of the most competitive advantages.

  • Winding two to six rolls at the same time, on two axes
  • No waste and therefore serious cost reduction
  • Automatic extraction of slit edges
  • Handles both dry rolls and impregnated rolls
  • Able to satisfy demands of client’s faster, tailor-made and with increased reliability
  • Production progress can be monitored real time
  • The HSR 1700 takes up little space
  • Provides new incentives for the sales department
  • Extremely low energy consumption, CO2 neutral due to use of solar panels
  • Able to handle materials for various other branches too (e.g. filter, paper, foil)
  • Integrated option for inkjet printing on washcloth and perforation unit

Reliable partnership to create new business opportunities

    • By distributing the HSR 1700 in various countries all over the world, Dimple seeks to decrease production and transportation costs and increase flexibility and distribution speed. This collaboration network enables new cost reducing possibilities and has its stable base in reliable partnerships. Dimple will continue to excel in product innovation inspired by sharing expertise and business opportunities.

Formula 1: High speed concept to place
your company in pole position

By continuously optimizing production processes Dimple is known to guarantee lowest prices in the market at all times. Doing business in over 80 countries worldwide, we are now looking for production partners in several countries to expand and optimize our distribution network. Dimple wants to offer her exclusive business partners the purchase of the HSR 1700 winding machine and support them by the Formula 1 concept.

What does this Formula 1 deal contain?

  • The purchase of the HSR 1700 machine, total cost: €80,000
  • 50% of the total cost (€40,000) will be funded by Dimple to be settled in 5 years
  • The €40,000 funded by Dimple will be settled through a 4% discount on materials purchased from Dimple over a fixed period of 5 years, with a minimum payback fee of €8,000 per year
  • After this 5 year period the discount becomes permanent
  • The other €40,000 invested by your company can be refunded in 3 to 5 years through tax advantages, investment allowances and development grants depending on your country’s tax legislation
  • This means a return on investment of 100% (€80,000) within 3 to 5 years depending on your transaction volume and your country’s tax legislation
  • Maximum to exclusive business partners per country depending on country size and market volume
  • Free use of our marketing materials that can be converted into your own house style
  • Access to training, expertise and technical support to implement the HSR 1700
  • Access to our competitive transport network and the use of track and trace facilities at intercompany rates
  • Visit to our company to see the HSR 1700 in production and the start-and stop method of exchanging rolls

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