Specialists in the field of washcloth for the international print industry

Over the years, Dimple BV has grown into the role of specialists in the field of washcloth for the international Print Industry. In offset, we offer excellent cleaning cloths for automatic blanket cleaning systems. Additionally, we have the ideal material for automatic impression cylinder cleaning. For web presses, Dimple has developed a product for the systems, using wet material.

Ever since the very founding of the company, Dimple has been involved in the print industry by developing and supplying the best suitable washcloths on the market.

Offset printing

For offset printing we supply three different washcloths, being ideal for use in Automatic Blanket Cleaning systems. These three qualities: HeavyDuty®, Cum Laude® and MultiSorb® are available in ready-made mini rolls for immediate use in all popular presses on the market. 500metre master rolls are available in all widths up to 2.50metres, enabling the printer to produce their own cassettes.

In order to clean modern impression cylinders, Dimple now offers CylinderClean®. This cloth cleans perfectly without being worn by the tough Impression cylinders.

Direct Image printing

Direct Image printing has totally different requirements when it comes to cleaning. The Ultimo® cloth offers best-possible cleaning of print plates, with little to no scratching of the plate.

Today’s web-printing has presented a new market for washcloth. By using pre-saturated washcloths, this application needs a modern answer, being MultiClean® washcloth. This fabric, in combination with either the ImpregBox® or the ImpregWinder®, offers excellent cleaning at a very affordable rate. One of the system’s advantages, that being the choice of wash product, has proven to be vital to our clients’ decision making.

Hand wipes

In addition to all automatic wiping, hand wipes, either dry or wet, are still very popular indeed. We offer BioCleaner® pre-saturated wipes for Press, Degrease, Glass and Hand. Dry wipes are available in plain wipes and perforated rolls.

Through in-house converting of the material, high flexibility is being created assuring short lead-times and high deliverance reliability. In order to further optimize production and output, we are operating state-of-the-art converting technology from Q4 2007

Our products


Heavy Duty®

Dimple’s classic washcloth is used in thousands of print presses around the world. Tried and tested over many years. Excellent lint characteristics and absorption make this the ideal all-round washcloth.



Dimple’s answer to those demanding printers looking to achieve top performance. Offering low lint, balanced absorption and smoothness beyond expectation, CumLaude® will protect your rollers and rubber blankets in the best possible way.



Developed for demanding situations, especially when it comes to absorption and tear strength, this white washcloth offers solutions where other washcloths stop.



The Ultimo® non-woven fabric was especially developed for the cleaning of highly sensitive and critical digital print plates. Ultimo®’s state of the art composition actually improves the very level of performance of your digital print plates in QM Di 46 presses.

Graphical Production and Worldwide Distribution Centre

    • Products from various European Producers will be stocked and shipped from our new plant. The primary advantage for worldwide dealers is to get one 20 ft. or 40 ft. container with all of their graphical consumables. This is the most effective way of transport and creates efficient logistics throughout Europe.

Our machines

Our products are used on heatset, coldset, sheetfed and digital printers.

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